The companies’ daily exchanges require expert legal advice to anticipate and control the risks.

Competition law

Make trade easier
For companies, consortiums, creators, builders, forward thinkers
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Distribution law

Create value
For manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, distribution networks, logisticians
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Distribution networks and franchise law

Innovate and duplicate
For entrepreneurs, creators, groups, shareholders, members
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Consumer law

Developing your product in France and abroad
For trademarks, concepts, ideas, founders, marketers, advertisers
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Advertising law

Communicating while assessing the risks
For companies, associations, public and private spaces, forums, social networks
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Contracts law

Design and manufacture
For managers, corporations, groups, entrepreneurs
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Personal data protection

Growing and becoming GDPR compliant
For companies, associations, groups, communities
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S, M, L, XL
Offer at your size

Offers of services tailored to your size, operational needs, and budget.